Wednesday, May 6, 2020

6 C’s of Communication Free Essays

Challenge Statement Kindergarten students should transition from books that offer chants, songs and memorized text to books that offer an opportunity to build decoding skills, sight vocabulary and slightly more difficult text. Instructional/Learning model specified Six C’s of Motivation will be used to expose the kindergarteners to diverse types of literature and to encourage a love of reading through the use of the Georgia Picture Storybook Award winners and nominees for the award. Explanation of Instructional/Learning model Students have been given the basic letters and letter sounds to learn with no choice. We will write a custom essay sample on 6 C’s of Communication or any similar topic only for you Order Now Now is the next step of turning the students into motivated readers. The 6 C’s of Motivation will be the ideal theory to put into practice with this next step. Choice – Giving the students a more challenging selection of books such as the Georgia Picture Storybooks award winners and nominees demands a large next step in enthusiasm from the student. A major reason for the program is to get students involved in reading without creating a scenario where failure seems inevitable. Students strive to meet a reading/learning challenge. Adding the next level of books to the classroom reading time and leisure time will help the students to focus on this reading goal. Challenge – Students strive to meet a reading/learning challenge. Adding the next level of books to the classroom reading time and leisure time will help the students to focus on their next reading goal. Control – When students are given a wide selection, and control over what topic of book to read then they feel like they have ownership in their task. If the topic of the book is interesting to them then they will be motivated to read and learn the new words. Collaboration – The kindergarteners enjoy their Book Buddy (5th grade students) time. Book Buddies will come in and select a book with their apprentice and take turns reading it to each other and discussing what is going on in the story. Constructive Meaning – If the MKO (Book Buddy/parent/teacher) shows an interest in the new level of reading books and find meaning in what is written then the student will also find meaning n the words, sentences and story. The student finds value in being able to read the story and find that others value what the students is reading to them. They need to be given an opportunity to write and speak what the story was about. Consequences – Students will be given the opportunity to share with their Book Buddy class the story that was read together. These opportunities to share what they read will include pictures and written text that summarizes the story. The event will conclude with an ice cream party. When students become motivated, they choose to practice reading books that are more and more challenging. The six C’s of Motivation provides six concepts that could be applied to encourage the development of intrinsic student motivation. As they continue to improve, they become even more excited about improving their reading skills. This process repeats itself while teachers, parents, and book buddies (MKO) praise the kids on their progress. The Six C’s of Motivation is the best choice of theories to use in this type of reading development. How to cite 6 C’s of Communication, Essay examples

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